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About eBusiness Indya

eBusiness Indya a digital marketing services from India. For more than 11 years, eBusiness Indya has helped customers leverage relevant corporate structures data to guide smarter business decisions. eBusiness Indya has dedicated research professionals working daily to verify the company information you rely on is Accurate, Complete and Timely. This commitment ensures our customers have relevant, actionable data for business development and sales, credit and collections, executive recruitment and more.

eBusiness Indya Corporate directories includes various types of contact & departmental information related to a corporate company or association. Our directories can be made up of company names, designationwise concern person names, their phone numbers, email addresses, department of employ, position titles, etc.. This information can vary from company to company and each list may contain some or all types of this info. We generally prepare these directories from different corporate hard copies from all over india region.

We are offering these corporate directories for your business promotion purpose only. We are collecting and verifying database from different sources, so there is no guarantee of 100% accuracy. But we try our best to reach more than 80% accuracy.